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Digital Threats: Navigating in the Complex World of the Invisible Danger

It is common to say that in the world of cybersecurity there are three facts: Either we have not yet suffered a security breach, or we are not aware of having suffered one, and the human element is the weakest link in the chain.If there is one thing…

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Evolving Front-End User Experience: Rewriting vs Refactoring

Betfair and Paddy Power, the betting and gaming platforms part of Blip and the Flutter Entertainment Group, recently underwent a major overhaul by transitioning from AngularJS to ReactJS. This transition aims to bring together into a single…

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Uplifting the Power of Developer Experience Across Divisions

The success of any project hinges on the productivity and satisfaction of its developers: if they are not productive and satisfied, the whole SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) is doomed to fail. At Blip and in the Flutter group, we are…

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Make it Agile!

Since the beginning of the millennium, software development teams started working on a series of values and principles named agile methodologies. For a while, the world lived under the belief that these methodologies were exclusive for them.

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Micro-Frontend Technology in Web Apps Creation

Innovative approaches and technologies are continually evolving in web development. Micro-frontends are one such method that has recently attracted the interest of front-end developers. Breaking down a big monolithic front end into smaller (micro)…

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Inner Source Implementation in Flutter Tech

Blip is part of the Flutter Tech group, a global organisation that provides excitement and entertainment in a safe and responsible way to 13 million customers, spread over 100 countries. Our people across 15 locations contribute to Flutter being a…

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