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Want to know Blip’s world a bit better? Come inside.

From the technologies we’re using to events to raise money for good causes, we’ve got a lively corporate environment here at Blip. Get to know us better.

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by Gustavo Silva The beauty of open source software is that it allows you to create, experiment and transform code, and even give it a higher purpose. After discovering and deep diving into a new and exciting security scanning tool, with the help of…

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365 days codeless: From Developer to Delivery Manager

By Mário Carvalho First things first: let’s go back 6 years, on the 4th of 2015, the day I joined Blip. Back then, I was really excited to start my journey as a Software Engineer at a Google-like company. As you can imagine, my expectations were high…

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Blip produces 200 protective visors

Blip produced and offered more than 200 protective visors to a number of Health Care Centers in Porto Metropolitan Area. The idea came from Fábio Silva, Senior Frontend Developer. He felt the urgent need for protective material in the context of the…

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How to turn a van into a campervan

By João Falcão As an outdoor guy and a nature photographer, this pandemic forced me to stay inside (something that I don’t usually do that much). So, especially after having 4 trips canceled, and maybe a year with the borders closed or semi-closed, I…

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Advice

These are strange yet challenging times. Coronavirus is forcing us to adopt a different way of living without precedents and to learn how to live under extreme circumstances, even if for a hopefully short period of time. These days, and more than…

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Diversity is much more than a buzzword

by Pedro Tavares, Delivery Manager at Blip My latest podcast obsession is Cautionary Tales by the acclaimed Tim Harford. The Seventh Cautionary Tale Tim Harford tells us about how moving away from our comfort zone – either by an unexpected event or…

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The Missing Piece

Blip's Rebranding We believe the beginning of a new year is an opportunity for transformation and evolution. Therefore, we’ll start 2020 with a new image, positioning and new energy. A fresh start in every sense.

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Flexibility and Remote Work in IT

Flexibility is one of the main pillars of Blip's way of working because it allows a better work-life balance. For this reason, we’ve adopted an official policy of flexibility, available to all employees. This policy includes different modalities,…

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How your passions can make you a better professional

There are many ways your hobbies can make you a better professional. Sometimes a hobby can even lead you to the start of a new career or help you find your dream job. This applies to many areas and IT jobs are no exception.

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Build, restore, transform

How important is to build, restore and transform your career and yourself every day. A career is not something you have or achieve, it’s something you build every day. Every small choice you do, who you choose to have alongside, the risks you are…

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Uniqueness makes us stronger

A biker, a gamer, a volleyball player and a Kendo master walk into a tech company… At Blip, we want you to come as you are! Bring your talents and skills, but also bring your passions, your awkwardness, and your beliefs.

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Diversity and Inclusion at Blip

Setting diversity and inclusion as a strategic priority At Blip, we are passionate about people! We believe that a diverse workforce is what makes us stronger and more competitive in the market. That’s why we are putting our efforts on creating an…

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