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From the technologies we’re using to events to raise money for good causes, we’ve got a lively corporate environment here at Blip. Get to know us better.

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We all need data!

Think about a recent decision you’ve made. What was that decision based on? Your experience? Maybe. Your context? Sure thing. Data? Definitely! At Blip we are no different. Just like you, our brands and platforms rely on a huge (really, it’s insane)…

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Bug Bounty

Transactional online businesses are prime targets for hacker activity. Mostly for profit, but also to disrupt the markets those businesses operate on, among many other diverse crimes, malicious players and automated bots continuously prod Flutter’s…

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To be a UI Designer

Behind every button, there’s at least one design meeting happening. Behind every icon, there are a lot of pixels pushed. Behind a neat line of code, there’s a messy Figma file. I’ll be there for you A UI Designer is never alone. There’s always a UX…

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Together for a better internet

Across the world, around 200 countries celebrate Safe Internet Day, dedicated to making the online space a better place for children and young adults. We can proudly say that this European initiative lived to see its 19th edition and bring…

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Development Goals: why we need them

Do you feel lost and aimless sometimes? This is something that happens more commonly than you think with other people too. So you are not alone in this and it can be fixed. When we talk about the course of our professional career this feeling can…

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10 ways to improve your work performance

In this fast-paced world, we all are focused on improving our performance to its best. And due to the emerging remote and hybrid work models, the search for ways to really deliver value to your company and fight procrastination is even more crucial.…

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Great resources that’ll make you better at your job

Realizing where you want to go is the first step to follow the best path. Do you want to improve your performance but don’t know where to start? The willpower to do better is something natural and instinctive. But we don’t always have the right…

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12 signs that show you are in the right job

How sure are you that you are in the right job? Sometimes the answer is not so obvious, and for various reasons and contexts, we also don’t always make the same judgment as we did 10 years ago or will do in the next 10. But let’s pause for a moment…

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Wellbeing at work: foster a culture of openness that delivers results

Today, more than ever, companies are increasingly looking to ensure wellbeing at work. Given the current pandemic context, the challenges are greater and greater, but they certainly haven’t eliminated the opportunities to provide an answer.

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20 ways to make your office more eco-friendly

Everyone talks about sustainability and environmental awareness, but the truth is that we spend a good deal of our time in the office not realizing what improvements we can make to make it more eco-friendly. And most important, the impact it can have…

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Work-life balance: more than instructions

Work-life balance is an increasingly current and discussed topic further heightened by the pandemic global context. But do we really understand the true meaning of this concept? First of all, you should ask yourself this question: can I successfully…

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From Psychologist to Software Developer

By Daniela Carvalho If a few years ago, I was asked where I saw myself in the future, none of my plans included working as a software developer. I would have explored my psychology career: working with severe mental illness, criminals considered not…

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