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Overcoming SRE Anti-Pattern Roadblocks

Anti-patterns can present serious difficulties in Site Reliability Engineering (SRE), where the objective is to guarantee the stability and dependability of systems. Whether ingrained in procedures, design, or culture, these anti-patterns can…

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Scaling a pricing system using GraphQL subscriptions

Introduction In the realm of modern business infrastructure, pricing systems serve as the backbone of revenue generation. As user bases expand and real-time data becomes increasingly crucial, the conventional methods of architecture often reveal…

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The Cornerstone of Software Development: How Architecture shapes the journey

The main force behind today's digital world is software. Software is at the heart of everything, from smartphone apps and web applications to the sophisticated systems that run our daily lives. However, have you ever wondered how software is set up,…

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Digital Threats: Navigating in the complex world of the invisible danger

It is common to say that in the world of cybersecurity there are three facts: Either we have not yet suffered a security breach, or we are not aware of having suffered one, and the human element is the weakest link in the chain.If there is one thing…

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Evolving Front-End User Experience: Rewriting vs Refactoring

Betfair and Paddy Power, the betting and gaming platforms part of Blip and the Flutter Entertainment Group, recently underwent a major overhaul by transitioning from AngularJS to ReactJS. This transition aims to bring together into a single…

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Uplifting the power of Developer Experience across divisions

The success of any project hinges on the productivity and satisfaction of its developers: if they are not productive and satisfied, the whole SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) is doomed to fail. At Blip and in the Flutter group, we are…

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