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The scale of a leader with a start-up soul

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Blip, world-class solutions, career-defining experiences

We’re a cutting edge Portuguese IT company based in Porto, focused on software engineering solutions for online sports betting. Founded in 2009, we are already more than 800 and we keep growing.

As part of the Flutter Entertainment group, we mix stability with flexibility and we're an essential piece of the business, driving innovation across the Group.

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A culture of belonging

From the night owls who love to work from home to the early birds who never miss breakfast at the office, there’s a place for everyone here. At Blip, every difference is expressed, supported and celebrated, and we're proud of the unique, authentic atmosphere we've created. It goes beyond job benefits - it's all about embracing each one's uniqueness and sense of belonging at Blip.

Blip’s Working Culture
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One of the best tech companies in Portugal… They said it, not us.

We’re people with big ambitions, and we bet on our people first. That’s why employee experience and flexible practices are cornerstones of our working culture. Throughout the years, we won several awards and certifications that recognise our efforts to stand out as one of the top employers in the tech industry in Portugal. Here are some of the latest.

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Blip Careers Site Our Teams


Our tech careers come with a wide array of technical options, from Networks and Infrastructure, Security, and Development to Design, Strategy, or Leadership.

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Corporate Teams 

Blip’s Corporate team ensures that everyone has the best tools and conditions to do their best – they’re the gatekeepers of our working culture, responsible to provide the best work environment for our community.

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Early Talent

Every expert was a beginner with big ambitions once. Our workplace provide everything you need to develop, and drive greater career growth. So your future is full of exciting possibilities, where you can unleash your potential. Learn more about the BETa program.

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