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Privacy Policy

We treat your privacy very seriously.

For details of how we process your data please see our Candidate Data Protection Notice.

Candidate Data Protection Notice

Fair Odds for Everyone 

At Flutter, we are fully committed to improving and championing diversity, equity, and inclusion. We want to be a place that not only welcomes and encourages difference but truly draws on it. Including people of different backgrounds and perspectives can lead to a happier, more innovative workplace. 

We believe equity is a fundamental part of how we work, and we want our employees to think that too. Everything should start with fair odds for everybody, but it doesn’t always; that is why we actively monitor data on candidates and colleagues to create an environment that works for everyone.  

We use the data to monitor and inform our long-term progress on: 

  • Rooting out bias and removing barriers to work. 
  • The fairness of our decision making.  
  • Widening our candidate reach. 
  • Understanding our people and how to improve their experiences at work.  

This data is anonymised and will never be used to identify you as an individual or make any decisions about you. It is not visible to anyone involved in the recruitment process for this role. We’d encourage you to answer the questions below to help us do that, but if there’s anything you don’t want to share, just select prefer not to say.  

Who can access information on me? 

  • Confidentially Stored The data will be stored in Workday, and you can go back and edit, update or remove it at any time. The data of individuals will never be printed, removed or downloaded from Workday.  
  • Restricted Access Access is limited to a small group of people in order for them to carry out the reporting. This means that for the majority of roles in our business including your Line Manager that access is restricted. Everyone that has access to reporting must sign a non-disclosure agreement.  
  • Restricted Reporting We will always report in an anonymised format when we share data. The data will only be reported if there are more than ten people in a particular category; otherwise, the data will not be shown to protect anonymity. 

We’ll never use the data you provide to identify you as an individual. In addition to that, we only give the leaders the data in an anonymised and aggregated format so that equity & equality are at the forefront of our decision-making.  

Anything you share that might require additional support must be raised with your recruiter, as they will not be aware of this data entry.  

Our Data Objectives are: 

How do we use data to help us work better? 

Outlined below are the three core objectives of data collection. 

1. Diversity

To understand the presence of difference in Flutter and whether we’re welcoming, retaining and growing a diverse community of people into our organisation.   

We’ll look at key insights to understand:  

  • The rate at which people join Flutter  
  • What representation looks like across Flutter’s spans & layers 
  • The growth of under-represented groups at Flutter 
  • Where in the application stage do people drop out?  
  • Do people of different backgrounds leave Flutter at different rates? 

2. Equity 

We look at several equity dimensions to understand the impact and fairness of our decisions on people in our processes & practices.   

We’ll look at key insights to understand: 

  • Pay decisions across different diversity demographics, for example 
  • Progression & Promotion decisions across different diversity demographics 
  • Gender Pay Gap   

3. Inclusion 

We don’t all share the same experience at work. Peakon helps us understand the lived experiences of everyone at Flutter and their sentiment across several areas to help remove barriers and improve experiences.  

We’ll look at key insights to understand: 

  • The experiences different diversity demographics have in areas like career opportunity & progression 
  • The experiences different diversity groups have from our Leadership Teams & Managers 


Collecting this data means we can bring the same level of informed decision-making to DE&I as we would any other part of the business enabling us to positively impact our processes, practises & ways of working, so everyone thrives at Flutter.