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Blip Communities

Be a part of something bigger

Blip’s culture lies in the belief that we’re more than a group of people connected by working bonds. That’s why our Blip Communities are so important: they encourage you to gather around different groups, discuss and acquire new knowledge of technical or non-technical interests.

Currently, we have around 17 active communities gathering weekly or monthly to share some experiences in several areas, such as sports – yoga, pilates, kickboxing, padel, football, running or leisure – band, board games, enology, ceramics and much more.

There are also three groups of volunteer employees that help us to keep our culture alive:

  • Ministry of Fun (MOF) is in charge of making you feel at home with some of the coolest office activities and events;
  • Fair Game contributes to a diverse and inclusive environment, putting together DEI initiatives open to everyone;
  • Blip Green stands for sustainable behaviours inside doors with eco-friendly actions.