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12 signs that show you are in the right job

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How sure are you that you are in the right job? Sometimes the answer is not so obvious, and for various reasons and contexts, we also don’t always make the same judgment as we did 10 years ago or will do in the next 10. But let’s pause for a moment and analyze the present and see what fills us with energy for another day of work and recognize (or not) if this is the right job for us.

To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of the main signs to look out for if you find yourself looking for a job that matches your dreams and needs!

Are you ready to start making “checks”? Let’s do it!

Keep asking yourself the right questions

As time goes by, your life goals may change, so do your aspirations, but there are always essential elements that cannot be overlooked so that at any stage you feel you have what it takes. And yes, it takes courage to claim those “essentials” and try to make sure they are part of your life. But before that, do you think you know how to recognize these positive aspects in your job to realize how important and necessary they are? Sometimes we are under extraordinary conditions, but we don’t recognize them, or on the other hand, we are under basic conditions and don’t demand more.

Maybe you are at the beginning of your career and a lot of doubts and uncertainties crowd your day. Or you already have a lot of experience and have been working in a company for a long time and you want to understand if this is the moment to change or if, in fact, you are in the job you have always wanted, with all the benefits and environments you have aspired to. Don’t worry, it is quite common to not know if you are in the ideal job, especially in the first few months.

Whatever the setting, you must believe that the absolute best is possible. As you continue your journey, you will eventually embark on different moments and challenges and always ask the same question: is this the right job for me?

Let’s find out:

  • Pure, positive adrenaline. When your job is super interesting and challenging, you hardly ever stay settled and are always looking to learn new things.
  • Your colleagues are more than just work partners. When you work with a team of people you can call friends and confide in a very supportive, empathetic, and genuine environment. You know you can trust them, and they can trust you.
  • Time rushes by. When you don’t peek at the time every 10 minutes, that’s a good sign! When this happens, not because you have a too-busy day, but because everything you do is exciting, and you don’t even realize that time is flying by.
  • You always manage to find time for yourself.  When you have the flexibility to unplug and assure a proper work-life balance. This is one of the most important attributes of the workplace. You know when to prioritize things but always manage to find time for relaxed moments.
  • Is it Monday already? When you start the first day of the week with lots of energy, good mood, and excited to catch up with your colleagues and take on new challenges.
  • Weekends are peaceful. When you can recharge your energy without once thinking about work, really switch off, and enjoy quality time with friends and family.
  • Bring it on! When you can embrace new challenges and do it with determination and confidence that you will accomplish them effectively, skillfully, and above all, knowing that you have a team that encourages that growth.
  • Fair salary. When your salary clearly reflects your responsibilities and the benefits are equal to colleagues with the same functions. Also, you know that the company evaluates it periodically to promote your performance and results.
  • You have goals and aspirations.  When there is always room for personal or professional growth, and you keep pushing yourself to give your best because you are motivated to do so, and you know your worth.
  • Your role is clear and valued. When you can imagine what your work routine and main responsibilities will be like, your productivity is unaffected and you regularly witness the company appreciating them, in various ways. You know that your work has a purpose and is meaningful.
  • Growth with honesty. When the company’s values are aligned with your personal values and the company’s culture and environment continuously motivate you. You know that you will always find an opportunity to talk honestly with your superiors and that your insights will always be valued.
  • Your Intuition says YES. Sometimes it is inexplicable, but it can simply happen that your intuition tells you so, regardless of various contexts and factors. You still feel that it is the right job.


A Happy Job: it’s possible and achievable

You also need to understand that it is crucial to realize that self-knowledge is very important and plays an important role when evaluating what makes you happiest and what fills your life in a positive and satisfying way.

Now that you’ve evaluated and interacted with all the signs, can you recognize if you’re currently living the job that’s right for you or if a career change is needed?

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