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To be a UI Designer

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Behind every button, there’s at least one design meeting happening. Behind every icon, there are a lot of pixels pushed. Behind a neat line of code, there’s a messy Figma file.

I’ll be there for you

A UI Designer is never alone. There’s always a UX by our side that makes sure that our product is not only visually pleasant, but also easy and intuitive, and we work together, every day, for the absolute best experience. In a company full of engineers, product managers, etc, all working towards the same goal, it’s easy to fall into the rabbit hole of what we want the product to be, because year after year, we grow attached to it. That’s where the designers come in, to advocate for the user and make sure we’re building something that not only we value, but that our group of customers will choose above every other product on the market. Together with the UX team based in London, we run user testings, where we give our designs to real people before they ever get implemented, and we see how they perceive them, how they use them, and how we can improve. Doing this at this early stage prevents us from wasting resources and implementing something that we then find out doesn’t work.

Where the wild things are

Imagine your favourite app, picture it in your mind, the buttons, the background, the text… It’s probably a bit hard to know exactly the shape, size, and exact colour of that app’s main button, but I can guarantee you that your subconscious knows it perfectly, and if it changed tomorrow, you would know something was off, even if you couldn’t point out exactly what. This is also true for all the other visual aspects of the app, like background, font size, colours, etc. For this reason, we keep a living thing in our Figma files, it’s composed of atoms, molecules, organisms… We feed it every week, and if we don’t clean it up often, it just doesn’t work. It’s our Design Library, that goes together with our Design System. A Library that is composed of all the components we use in our designs. Every button, every text size, every colour, every icon, every field, hundreds if not thousands of small parts that in the end make our product. It allows us to keep a consistent language throughout every page and interaction, and whenever we want to change or add something, we consider it very carefully.

Come Together

As you know, we take design very seriously, so alongside serious design, we also like to be very serious about our time together as a team. Very serious margaritas, very serious craft beers, and also some very serious dinners happen in our team. We rely on each other a lot, for feedback and all sorts of help, so all of this is important because, at the end of the day, teamwork makes dream work.

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