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Head of Technology

Blip is a top-of-the-edge Portuguese IT company, focused on software engineering solutions for sports betting and gaming. As part of the Flutter Entertainment group, we are an essential piece of the business, delivering safe and entertaining websites, mobile apps, and retail systems for over 7.6 million monthly customers around the globe.     
We bet on people first. That’s why employer branding and flexible practices are cornerstones of our working culture. And our working culture is more than job benefits, it empowers you to come as you are and find the perfect balance between your life and your working challenges. We focus on autonomy, diversity, lifelong learning, and work-life balance.     

The Role 

At Sportsbet, you will lead all the Tribes and ultimately be responsible for the throughput of their delivery and for assuring the right performance and stability of all the components, systems, and platforms owned by this organization. As these are new high-performance teams with a strong culture of delivery and engineering excellence, you will also be responsible for creating and engaging them. 

This role will require the leadership of cross-program deliverables and travel to other Flutter offices.  

What You’ll Be Doing 


  • Support the different Brands' roadmap needs, always following the best sharing, efficiency, and reusability principles; 

  • Efficiently adjust and plan the allocation of the engineering teams to meet this Tribe's multiple stakeholders' needs; 

  • Identify and mitigate or resolve any delivery bottlenecks; 

  • Engage with colleagues inside and outside technology and with different ways of working to ensure that complex and cross-functional initiatives are delivered, dependencies are managed and continuous improvement is prioritised. 

Stakeholder Management: 

  • Partner with the other Heads of in the definition of the Tribes' communication, strategy, and success metrics; 

  • Build strong relationships with key division stakeholders from across our Commercial, Product and Technology teams; 

  • Build relationships with other key stakeholders outside the Division/Brand; 

  • Manage a significant budget (in terms of finance & people) and it will be expected to find the best synergies and optimize the efficiency of your teams.


  • Attract the best talent into the tribe; 

  • Assure that our talent is continuously developed, motivated, and engaged, ensuring that high performers are continuously challenged and provided with new opportunities, and poor performers are managed up or out; 

  • Responsible for championing every success from the Tribe; 

  • Drive a culture of continuous improvement within the Technology teams and evolve our agile/scrum delivery processes.

Stability and performance: 

  • Assure the right performance and stability of all the components and systems; 

  • Take operational accountability for their products, ensuring high levels of uptime and rapid resolution of customer-facing issues, ensuring the right level of support to meet our business needs; 

  • The Head of Technology is responsible for the platform and must guarantee health and a sustainable future (e.g. features, capacity, performance, cost, etc.). 

To become one of us you should have 

  • Delivery excellence:  Possess the ability to manage change and minimise complexity. Focus on continuous improvement and stakeholder management to ensure that the squad operates effectively. Is resilient and confident under pressure, handles and manages crises effectively.  

  • Leadership:  A natural leader of people and a strong team player with a collaborative style; a proven track record building and effectively delivering through teams.  

  • Stakeholder management:  Strong communicator with a logical, structured, clear, credible, and mature style. Capable of engaging non-technical audiences of different levels.  

  • Collaborative: Works collaboratively and in partnership with our stakeholders on shared goals. Consistently seeks out and facilitates the sharing of others' ideas and perspectives and positively impacts the achievement of desired outcomes.  

  • Adaptable: Understands other perspectives and is not hesitant to adapt the approach to achieve a successful outcome. Mostly effective in managing change through applying insights from others and lessons learned from others. 

  • Resilient: Creates a climate where people are curious, resilient, determined, learn, and adapt; handles and manages crises effectively; anticipates and shows the way forward during setbacks; builds energy in others to stick with it/to stay on track/push through. 

  • Talent Focused: Demonstrates a strong commitment to the development of talent; recommends and supports development activities in preparation for future roles; invests time to coach and mentor others; builds and proactively manages development to ensure a pipeline of talent is in place; identifies and takes proactive steps to resolve current and future gaps in the talent pool and succession plan; is a talent magnet, capable of identifying, attracting, selecting and developing top talent including and not shying away from  the talent that goes beyond their capabilities; finds and attracts diverse talent who have the critical capabilities needed by the organisation; works to create an organisation that is an attractive place to work.  

This is what you should have. What do we have, you ask? can check our amazing perks & benefits  right  here !  

So ... Are you in?

Head of Technology

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