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Application Engineer

Blip is a top-of-the-edge Portuguese IT company, focused on software engineering solutions for sports betting and gaming. 
As part of the Flutter Entertainment group, we are an essential piece of the business, delivering safe and entertaining websites, mobile apps, and retail systems for over 7.6 million monthly customers around the globe. 
We bet on people first. That’s why employer branding and flexible practices are cornerstones of our working culture. And our working culture is more than job benefits, it empowers you to come as you are and find the perfect balance between your life and your working challenges. We focus on autonomy, diversity, lifelong learning, and work-life balance. 

The Role

You’ll have the opportunity to manage application releases through automated
pipelines, working with developers and product owners as needed to resolve
issues and deliver value at an accelerated pace, ensuring product quality.
You’ll have accountability for the delivery of 28 services, ensuring testing,
coordination and alignment between with all teams involved.

To become one of us you should have...   

  • Familiarity with CD/CI pipelines comprising Jenkins, Git, Artifactory, Go
  • Experience with Configuration Management tools such chef or ansible;
  • Familiarity with public/private cloud environments. E.g. AWS (preferential), OpenStack, Azure.
  • Knowledge of Unix/Linux systems (bash scripting)
  • Proven ability to troubleshoot issues and strong analytical skills
  • Monitoring experience with solutions such as Graphana or Datadog
  • Continuous improvement mindset for system/process efficiency

​Apart from this, there are a few things that would be nice to have , such as:  

  • Have experience with programming languages such as Python, Java or Go;
  • Ability to debug and optimize code
  • Has experience working with microservices architectures;
  • Familiarity with SRE and DevOps methodologies

As an Application Engineer at Blip, it's not just about technical knowledge. We value (a lot) a strong set of soft skills - being a team player and promoting a healthy environment within your team is just as important. This means that we'll be expecting a strong set of soft skills as well - excellent communication (in Portuguese and English), common sense, proactivity and a passion for the art of problem-solving.  

This is what you should have. What do we have, you ask? can check our  amazing perks & benefits  right  here !

So ... Are you in? 

Application Engineer

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