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Senior Product Designer

Blip is a top-of-the-edge Portuguese IT company, focused on software engineering solutions for  sports betting and gaming. 

As part of the Flutter Entertainment group, we are an essential piece of the business, delivering safe and entertaining websites, mobile apps, and retail systems for over 7.6 million monthly customers around the globe.  

Creating safe and fun software for sports betting and gaming it’s what we do. But the way we do it is what makes us one of the top options when it comes to choosing the best place to boost your career. Our Agile-oriented mindset, together with the most exciting technology and a team of 500 bold and inspiring people, will drive your star-quality skills to another level. 

We bet on people first. That’s why employer branding and flexible practices are cornerstones of our working culture. And our working culture is more than job benefits, it empowers you to come as you are and find the perfect balance between your life and your working challenges. We focus on autonomy, diversity, lifelong learning, and work-life balance. 

So… It’s not a job. It’s a way of being and it all starts here. Are you in ?  

What You’ll Be Doing…

We’re looking for an experienced Product Designer to be a part of Betfair’s Design Systems team. As well as contributing and improving our existing design system, we need your help in executing our strategy to onboard legacy products, increasing the consistency of our customer experience and efficiency of our development teams.

You’ll use your knowledge and excellent communication skills to…

  • …work with design, supporting projects and ensuring proper use of the design system;
  • …work with developers, closing any gaps between design and code;
  • …work with product, planning and prioritizing phases of work as we scale our system.

You will also:

  • Grow and expand our design system and design toolkits by building new foundations, components, and processes, which will set our system up to scale.
  • Bridge the gap between Design and Development by ensuring consistent use of language and application of components and styles.
  • Partner with Design System Developers, understanding and debating compromises between flexibility, control and performance, whilst ensuring components and patterns are built to spec and account for edge cases.
  • Establish a robust, usable Figma component library, building and maintaining up to date components and their variants.
  • Educate project teams about how to apply our visual language consistently by documenting best practices, usage guides and hosting Office Hours/Q&A sessions.

The Betfair design team comprises of 12 designers split between London, Porto and Cluj. We’re proud of our diverse skills, knowledge and experience. We all share a low ego which has helped create our strong team spirit. Our mission is to empower collaboration between all teams, using Figma for both UX and UI design, test features with either moderated or unmoderated research and run experimentation, such as AB testing, on the live product.

To become one of us you should have…

  • Years of experience designing digital products.
  • Practical experience of building and contributing to design systems, which you may or may not have owned directly in the past.
  • Excellent knowledge of Figma, experience in using GitHub and a good understanding of code.
  • An advanced understanding of UI design, hierarchy, typography, composition.
  • Pixel perfect attention to detail, an obsession for efficient information architecture and the willingness to challenge and improve existing processes.
  • Care about accessibility and the unseen details, which create interfaces that are performant and accessible, versus those that merely look good.
  • Love for working collaboratively with other designers and developers and want to help learn and grow.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Experience working with multi-brand design systems would be desirable but not essential.
  • An interest in sports or the betting industry would be desirable but not essential.

Senior Product Designer

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