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Uniqueness makes us stronger


A biker, a gamer, a volleyball player and a Kendo master walk into a tech company…

At Blip, we want you to come as you are! Bring your talents and skills, but also bring your passions, your awkwardness, and your beliefs.

To create amazing things we need all the amazingness we can get. You are unique. You are Blip.


We support a good work-life balance, therefore our team has the time to fully pursue their individual passions.

Mário Carvalho

The passion of our Web Developer Mário Carvalho is Dual purpose motorcycle riding. Mário started practicing his passion 4 years ago because he needed an escape from the daily routine. He was looking for something that would connect him to what he cherishes the most: nature, traveling, and adrenaline. “When I’m riding a motorcycle I feel excited, concentrated and calm all at the same time.” Following his passion has also helped to improve his working life. “Because of the way I disconnect while riding I feel refreshed to face every week in good motivation and a clear head.”  But what motorcycle riding and work in a tech company as Web Developer have in common? “They both challenge me and make me give my best, allowing me to improve myself and have the ability to face harder challenges.” At Blip, we encourage you to bring to the office the lessons you have learned from your passion… “What I’ve learned from my passion that can be applied to your job is that nothing is impossible and if you dedicate to something you will definitely be better in whatever you do.” … While we guarantee you full flexibility & full responsibility. The culture in Blip is amazing. We are one of the best companies to work in Portugal for a reason. We have an extremely good work-life balance, lots of perks and hobbies communities.”


At Blip, we believe that we are all driven by passion.

Bárbara Salgado is a Quality Assurance Engineer at Blip and is also a passionate gamer.

Bárbara Salgado

Bárbara started gaming when she was 8 when her father bought their first computer and from 19 to 24 start taking her passion more seriously. Her motivation to start playing was a curiosity at first, then competitiveness. Playing games allows her to escape from reality and be completely immersed. She also loves the competitive side of it and the sense of accomplishment that comes from it. “The type of game I play has a direct impact on the feelings I experience while playing it. More competitive games make me feel focused and in control.” Her passion for video games has helped her to discover a profession she’s also passionate about. For some games, I used to join public beta environments where I played with the sole purpose to test new features and report bugs. At that time, my objective was only to help make the game better, but I reckon now that these were my first steps in the quality area.” Besides helping her to discover what she wanted to do for a living, being a gamer has also made her a better professional. “Playing online multiplayer games has taught me a lot about communication and cooperation.”


We believe that diversity should always be celebrated and that our passions makes us unique and stronger.

Meet Elisabete Simões, a QA Analyst at Blip and a fierce volleyball player.

Elisabete Simões

Elisabete started playing volleyball when she was 15 and hasn’t stopped since then. One day her two cousins who played challenged her to practice with them and she enjoyed it so much that decided to become a player. “If I had to choose one word to describe my passion it would be ‘ALIVE.’” She is proof of how much passion can change who we are and help us to become a better self. “Before I was more individualistic, I suffered because the fault was mine only. Then when I started playing volleyball, it helped me not to be so individualistic, to share the frustration and this has helped me to grow and improve a lot.” But does volleyball and work in a tech company have something in common? “The similarities in thinking between playing volleyball and testing are teamwork, daily challenges. Both complement each other.” Who she is as a volleyball player also influences deeply who she is every day in her job. “It helps me to ponder and not explode at the most difficult times, and teamwork. We learn to focus on the goal we want and I always try to do my best work at that moment but I never assume that I know it all.” The diversity is one of the key values in Blip and what we believe that makes a company stronger, no matter the work field. “The culture of “All different all alike”, sharing knowledge is a constant in the company, and the environment relaxing despite major technological challenges.”


Commitment is essential to every achievement in work and personal life.

Senior Cloud Automation Engineer or a Kendo fighterJoão Vale shows us that it’s possible to be both.

João Vale

João first heard of Kendo when he was still in college. He watched a practice session but at the time, between classes, projects and other activities, he just didn’t have time for it. A couple of years later, in 2008, when he was finishing his degree, he started practicing. “Kendo is a great outlet. Both the physical exercise component and a mental component due to the focus that it requires are great for physical fitness, stress relief and generally clearing my mind.” He is able to find some similarity in thinking between his passion and his job. “Both my daily work and Kendo are activities that require focus. Perseverance is also important, be it because you’re having difficulty understanding and executing a Kendo technique or because some component is not working as it should and you need to understand why.”  The importance of commitment to achieve great results is something that he brings every day to the office. “Something that Kendo made more apparent to me is the importance of once you decide on something, to be fully committed. Starting something half-heartedly is unlikely to result in a good outcome.”


Create the new. Reinvent the rules.

At Blip, we deliver the most inventive sports betting websites, mobile apps, and retail systems for almost six million customers around the globe. We are customer obsessed and driven by one of the most challenging tech landscapes around.

Bring your passion and join an international team of almost 300 people who are as inspired by bold new ideas as you are.

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