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The Missing Piece

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Blip's Rebranding

We believe the beginning of a new year is an opportunity for transformation and evolution. Therefore, we’ll start 2020 with a new image, positioning and new energy. A fresh start in every sense.


We bring people together. We gather them around the common goal of making the world of entertainment a better, safe and fun place and get them to communicate in formal and informal ways in a diverse and inclusive work environment. How do we do it? By adapting ourselves to their needs and purposes, while they fit into our culture adding value to the business. It’s not a job. It’s a way of being.

“The Missing Piece”

The pixel’s not you, it’s not us. It’s us both. We complement each other. You are our missing piece to be a better company, to build a better business for everybody, including ourselves. On the other hand, we are your missing piece, because we can give you the flexibility, work-life-balance and tech challenge you’re lacking. It’s a natural fit. And yes, although we know perfection is not attainable, we might as well chase it and that’s good enough.
Don’t you think? Come and find out more.
It all starts here.


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