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Social days

Associação Animais Da Quinta1

Integrity is one of our core values and we pride ourselves for operating a responsible and sustainable business that contributes positively to the communities where we operate.

However, we also have concerns about our local community and for that, each Blipper has per year 2 social days (paid by the company) to help an institution with their needs.

Please see below some photos about the latest social activities:

Aldeia SOS and Animais da Quinta Fondations

These two institutions are dedicated to rescuing abandoned animals. On this day, the Blippers helped them re-paint their kitchen, as well as, replace the kitchen oven with a brand new one. They also bought food for elderly dogs, adult dogs, kittens, puppies and brand new toys to keep the fun going. They helped them too with the box cleaning process for each dog!


Gomes da Cunha Foundation

An institution that help children and adults with mental disabilities. The Blippers gave them some new furniture and helped them in their daily activities.

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