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Flexibility and Remote Work in IT

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Flexibility is one of the main pillars of Blip's way of working because it allows a better work-life balance.

For this reason, we’ve adopted an official policy of flexibility, available to all employees. This policy includes different modalities, such as:

  • Working from home (possibility of working remotely);
  • Part-time;
  • Sabbatical leave;
  • Flexible work schedule (as long as the team agrees);
  • Days for family support (flexibility to get extra days for family support);
  • Extra holiday days (3 days extra holiday per employee);
  • Free days as a retention prize (after 5 years at Blip).

We want our employees to have the time to be with their loved ones and to pursue other passions and hobbies outside their daily jobs. We fully believe that this way, they’ll have the chance to work on their personal development as individuals and professionals, and still manage to make the world a better place.

A better world and a better team 


Sérgio Cardoso

A great example of the success of this internal policy is the case of Sérgio Cardoso. Sérgio is an Infrastructure Project Lead at Blip and is passionate about developing technological solutions, with a strong focus on wildlife protection. This involves the development of electronic circuits, boards, embedded software, field mission to test the solutions, (big) data analysis, and much more.

He started developing small electronics projects since his teen days at high school and has never stopped since then. The successful combination of an old passion and such a noble cause started 6 years ago when he was challenged by his wife (which was doing a Ph.D. in Biology) to apply nowadays technology to wildlife protection solutions.

“This was a nice blend between my background and my passion for tech in order to contribute for a good cause.” – Sérgio Cardoso.

Sérgio helped us to better understand the work he’s developing:

“I develop technological solutions to help to protect wildlife as a non-intrusive solution for elephants in Africa to avoid conflicts with humans. I also develop mobile software to help marine turtle protection programs in Mexico, Cape Verde, etc.”. 

He states that he feels proud to be using all his technical background to contribute to the protection of endangered species.

Putting is passion into place doesn’t negatively impact his working life at Blip. Following a Full Flexibility – Full Responsibility policy, Sérgio is able to manage his time in order to achieve his team’s goals.

By contributing to a better world and by developing creative IT technological solutions in his free time, he’s evolving as a person and as a professional. He even states that there are similarities between his job and his passion because some skills and methodologies can be applied to both contexts.

When asked if there’s anything he has learned from his passion that can be applied to his job, he promptly answers: “Focusing on goals, planning and getting things done.”.

Tech Jobs Landscape

Remote work in IT is one of the major current trends. Besides IT jobs salaries, the possibility of working from home is one of the most appealing factors for people pursuing a career as an iOS developerUI DesignerFrontend DeveloperCloud Developer or other in-demand tech jobs.

Although IT professionals continue to look for the best cities/places for tech jobs, they value flexibility and to be part of a tech company that is focused on technological challenges and in achieving goals, instead of being focused on the working hours at the office. PPB Group (Paddy Power Betfair), in which Blip is included, supports this vision:

“I believe PPB’s culture is informal, flexible, nourishes our development and shows that the Group cares about us. Not only there’s flexibility, but also mutual respect and a great work-life balance so we can get our job done the best possible way.” – Sérgio Cardoso.

This flexibility helps to create a great office atmosphere, where all the employees feel trusted and valued.

I’m based in Porto and the atmosphere here is the best that we could expect – everyone is friendly, supportive and agreeable so it’s almost impossible not to “breathe” this fresh air and feel part of the family.” – Sérgio Cardoso.

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