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Build, restore, transform


How important is to build, restore and transform your career and yourself every day.

A career is not something you have or achieve, it’s something you build every day. Every small choice you do, who you choose to have alongside, the risks you are willing to take, everything is shaping your career without you even realizing it.

A winding road, not a straight line

The most interesting people you’ll meet and the most successful professionals with whom you might work with will have one thing in common: an unexpected path. No great story is ever linear or simple.

Think, for example, about David Ogilvy, the founder of Ogilvy & Mather – one of the most successful agencies in the world. We know him as the Father of Modern Advertising, but during World War II, Ogilvy worked for the British Intelligence Service at the British embassy in Washington, D.C. He has also worked as a chef, a researcher, and a farmer, before starting his own advertising agency with the backing of Mather and Crowther, the London agency being run by his elder brother, when he had not much money in his account. Just think how different things could have turned out if he hadn’t admitted his limitations as a farmer and moved to Manhattan.

 The point is: no one is born a Copywriter, a Doctor or a Software Developer. We’re born with the potential to be so many things and willing to try different jobs that some of them we’ll be more successful than others. Going back to David Ogilvy, he was not a great farmer but he was an avant-garde thinker and a tremendous success in the business world. And who can say that his work as a secret agent or even as a chef and a farmer didn’t play a key role in his personal and professional development?

The importance of DIY (Do It Yourself)

Sometimes the best life lessons come from the things we do just for fun. The passion of Lara Teixeira, our Office Manager at Blip is DIY in general. She’s passionate about “build, restore and transform”. And the more we think about it, the more we realize that’s one the best life mottos we’ve heard of. The essence of life and, in our opinion, the path for professional fulfillment and success might just be the ability to do that.

Lara Teixeira

Lara Teixeira started her passion for DIY very early next to her grandfather who was an electrician/mechanic. When asked how it makes her feel she answers straight: “Capable and independent. Sometimes I feel like there’s nothing I can’t do”.

DIY has helped Lara to learn important lessons that helped her in all aspects of her life:

“Recognizing myself as an extremely active and somehow an impatient person when it comes to obtaining and analyzing results. The whole project of construction or transformation goes through moments of calmness of analysis and observation and reflection, to times of frustration due to the lack of results or processes and clearly moments of waiting. I transit easily between feelings of joy, contentment, ecstasy to moments of sadness, anger, and frustration. But overall it is in the making process that I feel myself, complete and happy.”

In our path, we’ll often see ourselves in situations where we will find it difficult to be patient. It’s hard to put our efforts into something, knowing that we won’t see results for a long time. We are more easily attracted by what brings us spontaneous satisfaction. But the things that are most worth it are the ones we build with effort and patience. And if everything falls down at some point, we must have the strength and the intelligence to restore everything. We live in a V.U.C.A. world (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous), so we need to have the ability to cope and adapt to the environment we live in.

For Lara, her passion has a great impact her working life:

 “The scope of my position is very broad. This kind of approach helps me to solve certain maintenance and facilities issues, to better understand what the contractors of certain services are talking about and require, and, for instance, to be comfortable to do a quick reading on an electric panel. It’s a practical way to look at and deal with different situations.”

She even finds similarities between her job and her passion in terms of mindset:

“We often have to deconstruct attitudes, ways of thinking and acting to understand and reach out to people. We must believe that everything and everyone has the possibility to change and to be transformed. Add just a little bit color and everything gets better!”

When asked if there is anything she has learned from her passion that can be applied to her job her answer is:

“Everything. From the dedication, compassion, patience, dealing with frustration to even have to get your hands dirty!”

Choose wisely 

“You must choose. But choose wisely” – Grail Knight. Do you know this epic quote from the movie “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade” when the villain has to choose the right Grail?

In our work life, we also have to choose wisely the organizations with whom we want to work and grow.

To work in a company that is part of the Paddy Power Betfair Group is to work in one of the largest and fastest-growing online betting and gaming operators in the world. At Blip, you’ll experience different, because it is a place where tenacious, adaptable and quick thinkers thrive and only the best manage to get a position.

“Blip demonstrates respect for difference and inclusion. I feel that my colleagues respect me and value my ideas and solutions”. – Lara Teixeira

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